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Disk firmware level



I have a question about how to handle support issues with harddrives.

I had a customer who had a broken disk in a raid 5 setup. I called hp support and recieved a new disk the day after.

This disk didnt work so i requested a new ticket and recieved another disk. This disk also didnt work.

 I was then told by HP support that i should upgrade the firmware of the disks to support each other.

Did this on a weekend and the harddrives worked.


The question is, is this kind of work included in the HP carepack? Will HP send out technicians to do this work?
I work as an consultant and my cost is rather expensive esp durng weekends.


I dont have the time to sit in phone queue so thats why i try this place.


Sorry if its the wrong place.

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Re: Disk firmware level

In HP Carepack, Onsite service refers to Hardware Break/fix where HPCE can replace the physical Components. Software Upgrades are not done by the HPCE's, it needs to be done either by the customer or if customer needs assistance HP Remote Support Centre's assistance can be asked. HPCE will not go onsite for the any software upgrade.

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