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Disk firmware on MSA2000/P2000G3 systems

Mike Texter
Regular Advisor

Disk firmware on MSA2000/P2000G3 systems


I'm attempting to upgrade firmware on some disks in an MSA2012i .  GB1000EAFJL is the model number, which currently sit at HPGA, but can go up to HPGC(C) according to HP's website.  I found A file to upgrade them if i have an attached linux host, some kind of .scexe file, but i don't have such a host available, and just want to update them via my browser-based MSA SMU. 

(here's the link to it:)




I used to be able to find .lod files for certain disks, but i can't find such a thing anywhere on the internet for these particular disks.



P.S. to anyone from HP who reads this, your feedback form seems to be broken.  On the page linked above, i tried to submit feedback regarding this subject, but it was a broken link.





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Re: Disk firmware on MSA2000/P2000G3 systems

Hi Mike,


The firmware for this drive is not available for MSA2012i, What ever drives firmware's are available they would be listed in the below link.




The link that was found is not for MSA but for Smart Array Controllers.

I work for HP.
Mike Texter
Regular Advisor

Re: Disk firmware on MSA2000/P2000G3 systems

That's interesting that all compatible disks aren't listed, probably just the ones that HP would have originally shipped with that unit. The question becomes, where ARE the disk firmware files for the particular models i'm looking for, i.e. which HP unit would they originally have shipped with. I'm guessing a P2000G3, which is where the .scexe files are, but again, these aren't useful to me.
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Re: Disk firmware on MSA2000/P2000G3 systems

Hi Mike 


Thats right , All the compatible drives might not be listed there.


Since GB1000EAFJL drives are being used in several arrays & servers, The list firmware for GB1000EAFJL  under MSA only when it required for MSA2000 Array.


If GB1000EAFJL  firmware is not listed MSA downloads it indicates no firmware update is required for these drives.