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Disk module for HASS A3312A

Rainer von Bongartz
Honored Contributor

Disk module for HASS A3312A

I have HASS system of type A3312A.

I got some 4.3 GB SE disk drives that came from my
AutoRaid 12H

can I use this disk drives (A3702AM) in my HASS system



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Bob Inglis
Trusted Contributor

Re: Disk module for HASS A3312A


The AutoRAID Model 12H modules are physically larger than JAMAICA (A3311A & A3312A) modules.

All AutoRAID modules are Single Ended.

The AutoRAID Model 12 modules are the same modules used in a JAMAICA that is configured for Single Ended. They CAN NOT be mixed with Fast Wide Differential modules in the same half of a JAMAICA.

The SCSI id's on the JAMAICA are set with dip switches on the back of the chasses.

The Drive Firmware used in the AutoRAID is the same as the drive firmware used in the JAMAICA.
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Re: Disk module for HASS A3312A

Not to contradict HP ;-), but hey this a forum isnt it??

I have used drive modules from an AutoRAID in a Jamiaca (and vice vera). True you cannot mix interface types (SE or DF), but the modules will phsyically fit and will be recognized. Now installing a used drive in an AutoRAID will require you to take an extra step in installing the drive, but they do work.

Please feel free to dispute :)
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