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Disk mystery

Ralph Francis
Occasional Advisor

Disk mystery


Today morning i got an error event logged through insight manager, when i had a closer look it said that the Drive1 on Port2 of the Storage Works was dead.. but surprisingly in the next 5 hours the disk seemed to came back to life and the status appeared as OK.. can anyone explain this..

John Marinov
Frequent Advisor

Re: Disk mystery

Using Insight Manager, drill down on the drive and look at the error statistics.

It could be a contact problem with the drive, so reseating would work.
Ralph Francis
Occasional Advisor

Re: Disk mystery

Where can i get more info on these stats monitored by Insight Manager.. Thanks

Failed Recovery Reads: 0 SCSI Bus Faults: 0
Other Timeouts: 0 IRQ Deglitch: N/A

Failure Indicators
Spinup Errors: 0 Aborted Commands: 0
Realloc Aborts: N/A Media Failures: 0
Format Errors: 0 Hardware Errors: 0
Not Ready Errors: 0 Bad Target Errors: 0
Fail Recov Writes: 0 Self Test Errors: N/A

Sectors Read: 1185520 Sectors Written: 71459783
Hard Read Errors: 0 Hard Write Errors: 0
Recov Read Errors: 0 Recov Write Errors: 0
Total Seeks: 0 Hot Plug Count: 0
Seek Errors: 0 DRQ Timeouts: N/A