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Disk support for HP 2012FC


Disk support for HP 2012FC



Im currently in the market for buying an HP 2012Fc, for a private test setup.


I hope you can help me with the following:


Is there a way to reset the Controller (Username & Password - and IP Addr) without the serial cable?


Since my budget is limited, i will be using standard disks - i know these will have hardware failure more often, but are also cheaper to replace.

Will the SAN support Intel 530 480GB SSD Disk?

Will the SAN support old IBM SAS Disks from an IBM Bladecenter S?

The partnumber for the IBM Disk is - 9FM066-039


In the future i might be putting 4-6 WD RED 1TB Disk in the SAN for storage and backup - Will the SAN Accept these disks?



I also wants to ask if there will be any other problems with my setup, that im not aware of - or havent thought of?

I know the SSD and WD Red arent manufactured for Enterprise use - but that is the cheapest and best solution atm :)



Thanks in advance!

Mike Texter
Regular Advisor

Re: Disk support for HP 2012FC

No way to reset that i know of without the serial cable (or already knowing the credentials), but if i recall it's just a mini-USB cable that you need, and there's a utility/driver from HP that you need to install before connecting it.


you could try the default users though: 

manage/!manage    (this will have access to actually configure everything)


admin/!admin  (a little bit less control but i think you can at least change IPs and possibly some credentials)


these should work unless the previous owner changed them, which is always a bummer.

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Re: Disk support for HP 2012FC

The MSA 2000 G3 and G4 are using mini-USB, but your

HP 2012FC (G1) is using a normal 9 pin serial connector, but the G2 is using a special  serial cable with a very special connector. (not sure if the G1 is using the same...) Good news is the serial connection does NOT ask for a password!

Hope this helps!

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Mike Texter
Regular Advisor

Re: Disk support for HP 2012FC

Ah yes, my mistake.  It's a mini-9 pin connector, same thing you'd use for an EMC clariion. (if you google EMC serial cable you'll find what you need, they cost ~50 bucks)

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Re: Disk support for HP 2012FC

Sounds like you're looking for the cheapest option you can and I'm sure you understand the risks of that approach.  I do suggest you look at HP Renew to see what MSA options they have.  Here's a link to the current MSA inventory for HP Renew.  The latest generation of MSA products might be an option for you to consider as well. The MSA 1040 is the low-cost. I have a ChalkTalk video that does a good job talking about the MSA family.  Happy to answer any question.