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Disks not recognized on Netraid 1Si

Michael Gabrys
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Disks not recognized on Netraid 1Si

I'm doing a clean upgrade to 3 36GB Seagate Cheetah Ultra 320's and the NetRaid card does not see the drives. I have upgraded the Netraid firmware to F.02.07 and the system BIOS to 4.06.38 PQ . I am also using version B.02.05 of NetRaid Express.

On boot, the red and green lcd's for the three drives briefly light up, but then go dark. Reinstalling the old 9GB drives results in a working system.

In NetRaid Express, the drives are not available under the Configuration menu (or any other menu for that matter)

I've gone through the website and docs and have not found any documentation that can help me. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Disks not recognized on Netraid 1Si

Mike, so you are NOT getting a green light on the drives then, therefore they are not powered up and you do not hear them spin, correct?
I would guess the drives are bad or shorted.
If you are getting a power light, then try to Force Rescan on the controller. Or try with the 9GB's install to clear the configuration and start a new one, then remove the 9's and replace with the 36 before you scan.
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