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Documents on XP12000 and SAN director 2/128

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Documents on XP12000 and SAN director 2/128


Anyone having "good" documents on XP12000 and SAN director 2/128. I am looking for documents on h/w configuration, features and best practices on these boxes.

Thanks in advance
Luk Vandenbussche
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Re: Documents on XP12000 and SAN director 2/128

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Re: Documents on XP12000 and SAN director 2/128

Hi Saju,
Features are:

Reliable: Provides extreme reliability with no single-point-of-failure and redundant hot-swappable components. The XP12000 is constantly being monitored by HP for any potential issues, so they can be proactively addressed before they can cause a problem.
Available: All components are redundant and hot-swappable to provide extreme reliability and availability, including: disk drives, processors, I/O interfaces, power supplies, batteries, fans, and control processors.
Scalable: Scalable from 9 to 1152 disk drives for over 332 TB of internal capacity, 30 PB of external capacity, 128 GB of cache, and to more than double the internal performance of the XP1024--all online with no interruptions to applications and without requiring a forklift upgrade.
Performance: Uses an advanced crossbar fault tolerant architecture resulting in outstanding levels of random and sequential I/O operations for database, OLTP, Oracle, SAP, and Exchange workloads.
Heterogeneous: Supports multiple operating systems, including HP-UX, Windows, Linux, OpenVMS, NonStop, Mainframe, Tru64, AIX, and Solaris.
Open Connectivity: Fibre Channel, FICON, and ESCON connectivity
Flexible: Supports a mixture of disk drives configured as RAID 1 (2D+2D), RAID 5 (3D+1P, 7D+1P), and RAID 6 (6D2P).
Manageable: Multiple arrays and hundreds of terabytes can be managed from a single station, by existing staff, with no increase in staffing.
Value: Excellent price/performance ratio, increased productivity via higher throughput speeds and zero downtime, compact footprint to conserve floor space, and easy management.


few Configuration docs are available. Go through the link below.


florence mathon lermusi
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Re: Documents on XP12000 and SAN director 2/128


regarding the 2/128 you can go on www.brocadeconnect.com you and have a look on the Brocade silkworm 24000 director.

you just need the wwn of a switch to register