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Re: Does a disk 459319-001 fit in a MSA 2000 ?

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Does a disk 459319-001 fit in a MSA 2000 ?



I would to know if a disk spare number 459319-001



can fit in a MSA 2000 ?

I know it's noted for server, but are they the same disks ?


Thans for your help




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Mark Matthews
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Re: Does a disk 459319-001 fit in a MSA 2000 ?

Do you have the exact model and generation of MSA2000 please?


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Re: Does a disk 459319-001 fit in a MSA 2000 ?

As Mark said above it's important in what type of MSA 2000 exactly you're trying to install it, but if for the argument's sake we assume here, that you talk about an MSA 2000 (G1), then no - the MSA2000 drives have different carrier and the connector on the back of the drive is different. Having said that: no, the drive won't physically fit into an MSA2000 enclosure - first because of the carrier, and second - because of the connector (which is on a separate PCB mounted to the carrier).


In case you're talking about different MSA than G1, then please provide exact info about the model and we'll check.


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