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Does anyone have a VA7400?

Honored Contributor

Does anyone have a VA7400?

I am looking at getting a VA7400 with 10 73GB disks. To connect with 2 L2000 host using 2 A5856A.I am wondering if anyone is using the VA7400 with a similar config and what your thoughts or tips are about the 7400.

Karthik S S
Honored Contributor

Re: Does anyone have a VA7400?

We have a VA7410 connected to RP8400 (2 nPars). Each nPar is connected to a different controller). I would suggest you to configure in similar manner so as to have IO separation. Also when you are configuring LUNs consider splitting them across Raid Groups for better performance. Are you going to configure a cluster??

If you are planning to connect more hosts you might consider buying a FC Switch/Hub.

Also you can configure LUN Security on these arrays using the software that comes with the array (Command View SDM). However you need to buy additional licesences for this as the default pack comes with only 50MB of LUN sec.

-Karthik S S
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Stuart Urquhart
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Re: Does anyone have a VA7400?

We had a couple of VA7400. Chucked after numerous reliability problems HP couldn't fix. IHMO, they're far too unreliable for a production environment. Have a search on the Storage forum - there's a few people reporting reliability/support problems.
Massimo Bianchi
Honored Contributor

Re: Does anyone have a VA7400?

check in the storage section, there are many HORROR stories abit the VA.

I worked on a cuople of them, but i was on the setup phase, and didn't know if they had problem afterwards.

Looking at the storage forums, i would go for others kind of storage.

If it depends on your budget, take a look at DMX from EMC, there are cheap and reliable solution.

However, keep in mind that you are looking for mid-range solutions, so do not expect great performances from neither one.

Tim D Fulford
Honored Contributor

Re: Does anyone have a VA7400?


I actually like some things on the VA (performance), despite the reliability issues.. (my current bane) My advice is

1 - Only configure about 200 GB of LUN space. This will ensure the data is in RAID1+0 even if one disk dies.
2 - with 10 disk you will get 5 disks in RG1 & 5 in RG2, This is the MINIMUM for RAID5DP which the array may go into when a disk fails.
3 - Cache generally equates to performance
4 - Make sure you use HP18 or HP19 firmware. This also allows you to use the 15krpm disks

IF data access is the top of your list of priorites (say in OLTP type of environment) then the VA7400 is not really for you as during MOST failure scenarios it chooses to protect the data rather than service host requests!!