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Drive Firmware Upgrades

Robin Collins
Occasional Contributor

Drive Firmware Upgrades


I have a DL360 attched to a 4354 Drive rack via a 5300 controller. Trying to expand the array I've found I've had to upgrade the controller firmware. Having done that, when booting I now get a 1770 error advising that the drive firmware should be updated.

I have downloaded the 15 disk util but this does not see the drives in the SCSI attached array, it only sees the system drives on the DL 360.

Can *anyone* please explain how to do this??

Dave Martin_1
Occasional Advisor

Re: Drive Firmware Upgrades

I noticed an earlier post from you on a similar problem here:


This should work - as far as I know.
I recently had to do something similar and found some of the upgrade to be counter intuitive.

Robin Collins
Occasional Contributor

Re: Drive Firmware Upgrades

Thanx for that Dave

This is a different server with differnt controller and I wasn't sure if the same method would apply or not - unfortunately I only get a short maintenance window on this server and wanted to be as prepared as possible...

These firmware patches still scare the pants off me ever since I had one bomb out on me and leave me with a dud controller LOL