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Drive Mirroring Fails

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Johnny K
Occasional Contributor

Drive Mirroring Fails


Looking for help as to why Drive Mirroring fails. We attempted to mirror the drive with a new hard drive but it fails.

We have two Proliant DL380 servers with four hard drives in each with the same problem.

Looking at the ADU report (attached) I see
Unit Flags: 0x01 (Read Error)

What does this mean?
Is it a hardware failure?
If so, which hardware?
If not, is there a way to recover?

Johnny K

Víctor Cespón
Honored Contributor

Re: Drive Mirroring Fails

As usual, this happens because you have not one but two disk failing:

SCSI Port 2, Drive ID 0
Hrd Read 115
Rtry Read 147
Fl Rd Recv 5
BF07288576 Spare: 404713001, 72GB Wide Ultra320 15K

Logical Drive Status Rebuild aborted due to read error, logical drive 00000000.

You replaced SCSI Port 2, SCSI ID1, but SCSI Port 2, Drive ID 0 is having: Medium Error Read Retries Exhausted, so the controller cannot read data from that disk to rebuild the RAID.