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Dual Array 532 Controllers

Michael Yock
Occasional Contributor

Dual Array 532 Controllers

I have a proliant DL580 G2 server,(4) 36.4gb Ultra scsi drives and 2 Smart Array 532 controllers. My question is it possible to have redundant smart array 532 controllers running in duplex mode with an array of Raid 1? I am able to create the array with the 4 drives but nowhere within the ACU do I see an option to make the controllers redundant. I am using HP smartstarts most current version for my setup.
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Re: Dual Array 532 Controllers

SA 532s don't (and won't) support redundancy between the controllers. However, you could atatch the external channels to a Smart Array Cluster, which does support redundancy - and allows for the needed Cache coherency that you need when using redundant controllers. And you can also consolidate further ProLiants with the New 4 Port IO module or upgrade to MSA later... (DtS). Check here for details: www.hp.com/products/sharedstorage
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