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Dual P400/512 SAS HBAs Questions

Jerry Kincade
Occasional Visitor

Dual P400/512 SAS HBAs Questions

Running two P400/512 HBAs in ML370-G5 servers. One in PCI-E slot 1 and one in slot 4. CMOS boot order is slot 1, then slot 4. Created single RAID5 w/HS array on each controller (customer spec disk scheme), 830GB each. Installing Windows Server 2003 SP1.

1. Could array have been spanned across the two controllers to create a larger array? Did not see that option in the SmartStart 7.70 ACU.

2. During Win2K3 install, the Microsoft retail driver recognized the P400 controllers and the single unpartitioned logical drive on each, but... install would not create a partition on the first controller, only on the second. Why?

3. Once Win2K3 was installed, opened disk manager and found Disk0 unpartioned and C: on Disk1 (consistent with question 2). Looking at properties, BOTH disks have address of Bus 0 Disk 4 LUN 0 (also same as seen in installer). Shouldn't they be different? Do multiple P400 HBAs conflict with each other (maybe missed a config step)?
Jerry Kincade
Occasional Visitor

Re: Dual P400/512 SAS HBAs Questions

Researching found HP article C00870067, which is a loose fit for the problem. We have the two P400s with eight 146GB SAS drives each, but each P400 has a single RAID5+HS config with a single logical drive. In addition, the fix mentioned is a ROM update, and our system ROM is later (12/26/2006).

P400 firmware (2.08) is current.

Moved the cards to slots 6 and 8, and later swapped the location of the two cards. Same symptoms. The first card is never bootable.