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Buenos Dias:
Podrian por favor ayudarme, donde encuentro informacion de como hacer lo siguiente:
1.Crear una LUNs
2.Despresentar y presentar LUNs
3.Creacion de DR groups
4.Creacion de Hosts
5.Creacion de un SnapClon
6.Manual de administracion EVA 4000

Good morning:

help me!
where encounter information of the following thing: create a LUNs
2.present/display LUNs
3.creation of Dr groups
4.creation of Hosts
5.creation of a SnapClon
6.Eva 4000 administrator´s guide
Uwe Zessin
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Those functions are covered by different 'products'

1. CV-EVA, SSSU (technically, you don't create a 'LUN' - the EVA's term is "virtual disk" or "vdisk").

2. CV-EVA, SSSU (the presentation of a vdisk to a host is a [SCSI] LUN).

3. CV-EVA, SSSU, RSM, (CA-EVA license)


5. CV-EVA, SSSU, RSM, (BC-EVA license)

6. EVA-4000 (and 6000,8000) support pages:〈=en&cc=us

- CV-EVA: HP StorageWorks Command View EVA Software

(SSSU, the Storage System Scripting Utility is delived with CV-EVA)

- BC-EVA:HP StorageWorks Business Copy EVA Software

- CA-EVA: HP StorageWorks Continuous Access EVA Software

- RSM: HP StorageWorks Replication Solutions Manager Software

RSM is a framework to automate BC and CA functions. It requires a learning curve, so might not make sense to use if you only create a DR_Group or Snapclone from time to time.

Re: Dudas

thank you very much I am been thankful !!!