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EMA12000 ETC

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EMA12000 ETC

Could anybody explain the differences between EMA12000/ESA12000/MA8000/ and RA8000 plz

Uwe Zessin
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Re: EMA12000 ETC

RA8000: RA = RAID Array, based on the BA370 enclosure housing up to 2 HSG80 controllers and up to 24 disk drives (old SBB 'StorageWorks Building Blocks').

ESA12000: ESA = Enterprise Storage Array, based on two BA370 enclosures, mounted in a rack.

You can run 1 BA370 with HSG controllers and link up to 2 BA370 to the base unit.

MA8000: MA = Modular Array, based on the M2200 controller enclosure and M4210, M4214, M4314, M4354 (and perhaps some more models) disk drive enclosures with up to 14 disk drives in a 'universal carrier', means it can also used in ProLiant and AlphaServers that have universal drive cages.

A typical MA8000 is a package that uses an M2200 and three M4354 'dual-bus' disk drive enclosures.

EMA12000: EMA = Enterprise Modular Array, uses same components like the MA8000, but a different package - usually 1x M2200 and 6x M4314 to provide support for up to 84 disk drives.

There was also an EMA16000, which used a slightly larger rack to fit even more components in a small footprint. And an MA6000 which used HSG60 controllers (a stripped-down HSG80 with 2 instead of 6 back-end SCSI ports) in a M2100 controller enclosure.
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Re: EMA12000 ETC

Thanx a lot once again :)