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EMC / HP arrays

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EMC / HP arrays


We are planning to implement Oracle ERP solutions and Oracle CRM for which the space requirement would be around 8TB. We have our billing systems currently connected to EVA SAN.

a) I would like to know if we should extend our existing EVA SAN or should we migrate to XP arrays for better performance, redundancy and scalability.

b)I have heard that EMC disk arrays are better than HP and people also say that EMC is the market leader in disk arrays. For HP storage is not the main bussiness so you cannot be sure about the road map of HP arrays.

e) How would you compare EVA vs Clarion and
XP vs Symmetrix

David Child_1
Honored Contributor

Re: EMC / HP arrays


I haven't worked with EVA's so I can't really say much there. The Clariions are okay. They work fairly well once set up, but getting to that point can be tricky sometimes.

We have always had great luck with Symmetrix frames (38*, 88*, DMX). They can be pricy though. As for the XP, don't forget that they are actually Hitachi arrays (rebranded). We had an older XP256 and XP512 and both worked quite well for us.

I would say your best bet is to see what features you need and then price them out.

Florian Heigl (new acc)
Honored Contributor

Re: EMC / HP arrays

I would chose the EVA over the Clariion, personally I think it can't be worse.
For the Symmetrix/XP - I've never seen any trouble worth noting with our EMC^2's but the XP ought to be faster.

Also, while it is true that this is not HP's main terretory the XPs are relabeled Hitachi systems so You wouldn't face problems if HPs roadmap changed.
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Mic V.
Esteemed Contributor

Re: EMC / HP arrays

We had a great deal of trouble getting our Clariions set up, but they seemed to work okay after that.

I've had multple EMCs (DA or fronted by Brocade). Expensive, but worked great. The price has dropped a lot over time. The most difficult part about buying EMC has always been the sales/marketing/billing aspect of things. The break/fix guys are usually great. At the time I last looked (several years ago), the XP family did not seem sufficiently developed for our needs (sorry, I wish I could remember the reasons -- I think it had to do with redundancy of certain elements and also with software).

I don't know that much about EVA (and you don't say which model), but I would think XP would be better. BUT -- what do you need (not what do you want :-)?

My experience with high-end EMC has been better than my experience with low-end HP. Apples and oranges, though.

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Tony Scully_2
Valued Contributor

Re: EMC / HP arrays

Not sure what HP's roadmap for the EVA is, but as another poster noted for the XP you are really looking at HDS (not HP) vs EMC. EMC seem to have superior marketing and seem to rely on the 'its so expensive it must be the best' sales pitch. I have use XPs and DMXs in mixed SANs and found both to be extremely reliable, highly performant and well supported by the realtive vendor. I personally have found XPs to have the edge in terms of ease of admin, EMC being keen to charge professional services rates for any config changes, and to warn off end users from doing their own config wherever possible. Just opinions though, and you know about them!
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Robert Bennett_3
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Re: EMC / HP arrays

In the process of moving our data center we migrated from a Symmetrix to EVA. The main reason being cost.

Yes we did save money, but I have a lot more grey hairs. I miss the Symmetrix.

Our HP support technicians have urged us to go to an XP - and I believe they are truly looking out for us. I cannot speak for the XPs though, as I have not worked with them. We evaluated an XP-12000 and were all set to go with it but we're adding more EVA 5000s instead (money determination) - so more grey hairs on their way.

Hope this helps a little.

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Andy McCreath
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Re: EMC / HP arrays

The Clariion CX700 will outperform an EVA5000. The main reason anyone chooses an EVA over a Clariion is cost.
Having said that you will find EMC are very agressive in the modular SAN arena today.

You will find no cost justification in deploying strings of XP/ Symmetrix, and to be fair, they will overperform any app you are looking to put on it. They really are for the SAP landscapes out their and such like.

Good luck,