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EMC Symmetrix Vs Clariion-600


EMC Symmetrix Vs Clariion-600

Hi All,

We are planning to migrate
from EMC Symmetrix-3300 to Clariion-600 storage array.

I would appreciate if anybody had experience with CX-600 can through some light of pros and cons with this CX-600 array.

Thanks in advance,
Vincent Fleming
Honored Contributor

Re: EMC Symmetrix Vs Clariion-600

The Clariion CX-600 will be less fault-tolerant than the Symmetrix, but WAY faster.

Note also that the Symmetrix is supported by HP in most environments (HP-UX, Windows, etc), but the Clariion is NOT - your support would have to come from EMC alone. This can be an important point to note...

Good luck!
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