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EMC inq utility on hp-ux 10.20

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EMC inq utility on hp-ux 10.20

I have a HP K series server running hpux 10.20 connected to EMC disk storage unit using f/w/d SCSI. inq version I am using is V7.1-131.

Trying to find physical disks, capacity information, logical disks associated with the physical disk & which SCSI director/channel connected with the logical disk.

Can anyone help me with these ??
Rita C Workman
Honored Contributor

Re: EMC inq utility on hp-ux 10.20

Did EMC load any software with your box...something like EMC System Manager Base Component or Enabler?

The 'inq' I believe you are mentioning is at /usr/symmapps/bin/inq. It's been awhile, but I believe I simply ran this and outputed it to /tmp/inq.out. Then when I brought up the symmetrix gui, I used this /tmp/inq.out for the volume label information.

Instead of writing alot of info your not interested in...let me know if this is what your needing?

CDI Support

Re: EMC inq utility on hp-ux 10.20

Thanks for the reply,

I don't have GUI interface. Right now I can only read the inq.out file which has the following informations for each disk device.

Device: /dev/rdsk/c0t0d0
Vend: EMC
Prod: Symmetrix
Rev: 5265
Ser Num: 8 digit number
Cap: capacity in kb

I know all the informations are in the serial No. field which I don't remember right now.
Jordan Bean
Honored Contributor

Re: EMC inq utility on hp-ux 10.20

inq v7.1-131 comes with ECC 4.1. Do you have EMC ControlCenter installed? The default installataion directories are /opt/emc and /usr/emc. If you have inq, then you should have at least the Base component. (Do you have a white-blue-silver box with "EMC ControlCenter" on a silver sticker label?)

Do you have an X11 graphics display, either locally or for Windows like X-Win32, Exceed, or Reflection?

Are you also using PowerPath 1.5+?

Now, just assuming you don't have the GUI component or X11 capabilities anywhere:

inq should be in /usr/emc/ECC/bin (default). Other commands you should have are syminq and symdev in /opt/emc/SYMCLI/4.x/bin.

inq -h should return its cli options.

This is how to read the serial number, XXYYYZZZ:

XX = last 2 digits of Symmetrix serial
YYY = symmetrix device volume label
ZZZ = device emulation and protection

You can determine to which Symm ports a device is assigned with inq -et. Look at the DIR-P column.