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EMC storage (simmetrix)

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EMC storage (simmetrix)

I have some EMC LUN connected to my HP server.
I need to get some information about them.

I use the command xpinfo with xp512 LUN.
I would like to know if there is a similar command for EMC.
Thank you.
harry d brown jr
Honored Contributor

Re: EMC storage (simmetrix)


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John Poff
Honored Contributor

Re: EMC storage (simmetrix)


Also, the 'inq -et' command will show you which port in the Symmetrix each controller/drive is connected to.


Juan Manuel López
Valued Contributor

Re: EMC storage (simmetrix)

Hi all !.
U have to use " inq " command.
Also u can use syminq command, that give you more information.

I hope this help you.

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Ashwani Kashyap
Honored Contributor

Re: EMC storage (simmetrix)

inq or syminq .

IF you have symcli installed , can also use symdev .
Deshpande Prashant
Honored Contributor

Re: EMC storage (simmetrix)

You would use the EMC utility "inq" to enquire the EMC LUNS.
It is part of the EMC software EMC Control Center.

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Trusted Contributor

Re: EMC storage (simmetrix)

Use syminq to get information about your emc disk. This will also list out your gatekeeper devices as well as regular disk.

If you want a nice printout of your layout inside the EMC Symmetrix ask your EMC SE to take your BIN file and put it into excel, our SE did this and it gives a nice mapping of the drives and where they are mapped to.


Re: EMC storage (simmetrix)

inq is the best way to go.
or if you have solutions enabler then you can do
sympd list
or syminq
then do symdev show ,deviceid. to get more info about that device....