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ENE PCI Memory Card Reader Malfunction on SD card

Aarnoud Rommens
Occasional Visitor

ENE PCI Memory Card Reader Malfunction on SD card

I'm having trouble reading a newly bought Sandisk SD 512MB memory card on the ENE PCI Memory Card Reader on my system (viz. pavilion notebook zd7235ea). The problem must be hardware related as the card works fine in other devices.

The problem:

Inserting the memory card into the media (SD-MS/Pro-MMC-SM compliant) slot makes the system bahave erratically. I cannot access the SD card as such, let alone transfer any files on them. Windows explorer locks up when trying to click on the mass storage device location (usally E: or G:), this also occurs with other explorer-like programs. The only thing that helps to unlock the computer is to remove the card.

I've done a number of things:
- run through the problem on HP Support Instant Chat.
- Unistall the driver.
- Unistalling XP SP2 and reinstalling the driver and updating it. The sytem now runs on SP1.
- The problem persists even when running in safe mode.
- There are no conflicts.

Anyway, I was hoping you would be able to give me some additonal pointers,
I've attached my dxdiag.