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EVA 3000 2C1D unmappable disks and devices

Etienne Chebli
Occasional Contributor

EVA 3000 2C1D unmappable disks and devices


I have an EVA 3000 with the configuration 2C1D and using one san switch and 8 disks.
The Vcs version is 3.110.
I am using command view EVA version 6.0.
After the installtion of the 2 controller with the enclosure, I have oppened the the command view and got the following:
all the devices were found as unmappable devices and when i go more in details i can see that there is only 3 disks of the 8 plugged in the enclosure so i am not able to initialize the enclosure.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in Advance for your help
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA 3000 2C1D unmappable disks and devices

this often occurs during the controller firmware upgrade... It may be that the EMU, or disks firmware is obsolete. Run the EVA Disks firmware upgrade... and/or check the controller/EMU, etc. firmware versions (repeat the controller firmware upgrade to be perfectly sure that all the components firmware was successfuly ugpraded...
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