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Re: EVA 3000 & 4000

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EVA 3000 & 4000

Hi All,
Existing i have 1 unit EVA 3000 with 2C4D configuration . Now we have another 1 unit EVA 4000 also come with 2C4D configuration , my question is can i join the fibre switch with EVA 3000 ? Should I need to upgrade EVA 3000 firmware ,before i plug the fibre cable to switch ? Can i mirgate existing EVA 3000 HDD to EVA 4000 without lost any data ?
Please advice , Thanks

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Re: EVA 3000 & 4000


You can do this if you check the following things

1. is the version of your commandview compatible with your EVA4000
2. Create a seperate zone on your switches to connect the EVA4000
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Re: EVA 3000 & 4000

Yes, you can concurrently operate EVA3000 and EVA4000 in the same SAN.
See the SAN design reference guide on
Page 148 Table 93 EVA heterogeneous SAN support

Since you did not specify your OS(es) I cannot tell what things you have to consider.
See the OS matrices starting on page 111 in chapter 8 of the guide!

I would not consider upgrading the EVA3000 to an EVA4000 since this means replacement of both controllers which is costly!
You could think of upgrading the EVA3000 to VCS 4.
VCS 4 brings the EVA3000 to active- active LUN presentation like the EVA4000.
Note that this need good planning since LUN presentation to the hosts and Multipathing changes!

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Re: EVA 3000 & 4000

Hi Tan

Both EVA3000 and EVA4000 can be put in same SAN. EVA3000 can also be upgraded to EVA4000. You need to contact local HP Sales representative.


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Re: EVA 3000 & 4000

You should contact HP, there are severals recommendations to connect the EVA to the san, as sanswitch firmware, hba firmware, command view, operating system patches, etc.

We got a document with these recommendations, but in our case, we where replicating a 5k with 4k.
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Re: EVA 3000 & 4000


One of the easiest ways yo migrate data would be to get a temporary CA license to replicate data between the EVA's.

Lets say you have 80 disks in the eva3k and you only have 16 disks in the eva4k. Assuming that the 16 new disks are the same size as the disks in the 3k and you have only 1 disk group on the eva3k, you can start replicating the biggest virtual disks first, once complete and host access moved, delete those virtual disks on the eva3k and remove the unneeded disks from the group. Add those disks to the 4k and repeat the process until data migration is complete.

I don't know if you can just move disks from one to the other. Most likely, you would have to move ALL the disks, but not sure of the process.

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