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Disk Enclosures
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EVA 3000 to EVA6100

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EVA 3000 to EVA6100

First of all, sorry, if my questions are silly or too simple, I am quite new to EVAs

We want to "upgrade" two EVA 3000 to EVA6100. New EMU, new I/O-Modules will be installed. Also the controllers will be exchanged, and XCS6.110 will be used
On each EVA we are adding 3 new disk enclosures M5314C and upgrading 3 M5314

Here are some questions, maybe has anybody time to answer one ore the other

1.: Should we install CV absolutely new, or try to upgrade?

2.: what happens to the existing disk groups, will they be detected with their Vdisks. The quorum disks need to be detetcted, right?

3.: Shall we start up only with the existing disk shelfs with the disks in the bays as they are now, or should we add the 3 new disk shelfs and distribute the existing disks across all 6 enclosures, and then add the new disks

4.: Shall we upgrade the disk firmwares before we change the controllers to HSV200-B, or is this not a problem?

5.: What happens to the existing licenses? We have unlimited CA, CV, BisnessCopy on both EVA3000. Is´nt there also a management volume, where the licenses are located? I assume, the licenses are only WWN-based, and these WWNs are changed when changing the controllers?

I would apreciate any suggestion or solution. This is my first big EVA-Project, till now I only worked with EVA3/4000 :-(

Thanks in advance

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Re: EVA 3000 to EVA6100

based on the fact that you have bought the new controllers, loop switches, enclosure IO modules, EMU, etc., lets draw the attention to the other things

One general note, it is optimum to have 8 enclosures because of the internal EVA controller handling always with the groups of 8 disks (RSS). Then the reshuffling to the real vertical design make real sense (only 1 RSS member in one enclosure)

1., 5. you can upgrade the CVE to the latest 7.x version if you wish. The old licenses can be transferred to the new for free.

2. you must be running the firmware 3.028 or 4.x when ugprading from the eva 3k to eva 6x00, if you use older you have to upgrade to this
3. your SAN switches firware has to be compatible with the 6110 firmware so you can do it prior to the eva 3k to 6x00 upgrade, not in one time because then you dont know the cause of the potential problem

4. dont forget to check if the current power capabilities are sufficient for the new EVA

5. dont forget the backend loop switches installation

6. install the new multi-path, drivers and check if the AP and AA MPIOs can coexist in your OS for a while for the rollback operation if something goes wrong
7. backup all the EVA data for the worst restore scenario
8. ugprade the storage system from the HW point of view
9. upgrade the new controller firmware to the 6110
10. add more enclosures
11. shutdown the EVA and reshuffle the disks
12. the disk reshuffling to have better vertical distribution of the disks
13. disk firmware upgrade
14. modify the Preferred path settings at EVA to none and switch on the ALB assynchronous LB on the host side if the OS allows it. Otherwise the set preferred path of each vdisks should be said tor the loadbalancing purposes
15. recreate the IO paths to the new EVA vdisks
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Re: EVA 3000 to EVA6100

Hi Walter.
Was your update successfully?
I have some trouble with the disk boxes. My HP Partner told me the disk boxes are not compatible. They are M5314A. I only want to reuse these boxes on a EVA6100 with new I/O and new EMU Modules.

Thanks, Michi

Re: EVA 3000 to EVA6100

thank you very much for the answers, yes we updated successfully

sorry, that I did not close the thread, [forgot it :-( ]

best regards walter

Re: EVA 3000 to EVA6100

Hi Michael!

We used the same disk shelfs, so just changed EMU and I/O

best regards


Re: EVA 3000 to EVA6100

thanks a lot for your help