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EVA 4000: Solid-State Drive Failure

Lance Gerald
Occasional Contributor

EVA 4000: Solid-State Drive Failure

Need help from anyone. We are conducting tests for the EVA 4000. We are trying to install FC solid-state/flash-based drives on the EVA 4000. The drives can be seen in windows 2003. We are using HP Command View to configure the disks. Green LED is lit before a command is sent from the console. After a command is sent, Red LED lights up. Looks like the drives are not supporting a command from the enclosure.

Furthermore, I read something from the EVA 4000 user guide about the drive's firmware version. The drive's firmware version should be supported by EVA 4000. I am guessing that the problem mentioned above is caused by this FW version compatibility thing.
Trusted Contributor

Re: EVA 4000: Solid-State Drive Failure


Definitely sounds like some sort of compatibility issue. Have you confirmed that the flash based drives are compatible with the EVA 4000, and if so, is firmware upto date on both?

If I can, I will!