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Disk Enclosures
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EVA 4100 + CV EVA

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EVA 4100 + CV EVA


I have received a Brand New EVA 4100 Starter Kit for the Blades.

I need to Install & Configure it in the lab.This will be connected to a BL860C.

Could you walk me through the process of Installing & Configuring it and bring it finally to Production.

Also I have to Install the CV EVA.

Any documents would be helpful.
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: EVA 4100 + CV EVA


We'll to talk you through it I'd need your phone number.

Better I give you some docs.




Make sure your system is well patched. Handle the EVA firmware and get every bit of firmware and software current on the system before going live.

Steven E Protter
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Re: EVA 4100 + CV EVA

Thanks for the information Stevan,

While going through the docs, I had a few querries

---->EVA4100 Bladesystem F INS Starter Kit
o What is "F INS"

---->What is a Complex SAN & a Simple SAN

---->If I am Correct
Emlux EZ Pilot is to Simplify SAN Only in Windows Environment(I do not have to do anything to do with it)

---->Could you also provide me some documentation on installing CV EVA and how to work on it.

---->And the one if you can spare bit of ur time.

o When I am Installing the my first 860c blade in C7000 Enclosure(The C7000 Enclosure is also Brand New) Do the Enclosure needs to be powered ON & also how many Max. BL 860c blades can be installed in an C7000 Enclosure.

Thank you
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Re: EVA 4100 + CV EVA

I am still waiting... Can someone help me
Trusted Contributor

Re: EVA 4100 + CV EVA

Thank you