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EVA 4100 Populated Disk

Super Advisor

EVA 4100 Populated Disk

Hello everyone, I have an EVA4100 with two disk groups is that if I appeared in a disk and I Populated performance problems.

You know what to do?

Ungroup would be wrong to wait until after completion of the leveling and grouping.

This disk was working properly from the beginning, like 7 months ago.

Greetings and thank you very much
Niels Vejrup Pedersen
Respected Contributor

Re: EVA 4100 Populated Disk


I'm not quite sure i understand your question.

Please provide details about your diskgroups and what the performance problems are.

Super Advisor

Re: EVA 4100 Populated Disk

I have not explained, has entered into a disk and I Populate state to ungroup. The fact is that I have taken and what I have and still get the same. The EVA does not recognize it.
Surely this is wrong and have to change

Thanks ;-)