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EVA 4400 - AIX vdisk presentation

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EVA 4400 - AIX vdisk presentation

i'm not able to present more than one Vdisk to an AIX server. The first vdisk is presented and can be used normaly, but after presenting a second vdisk ,i can't see the new disk on the AIX box and in the lshsv command output I can see first disk with the LUN Number of the second one.
Any idea on what can be the problem.

EVA 4400
HSV 300

AIX oslevel 5200-01
Víctor Cespón
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Re: EVA 4400 - AIX vdisk presentation

Have you created the host with "IBM AIX" host type?

Check the Presentation tab of that host, are the vdisks presented with different LUN numbers?

The following two values must be set as indicated:
â ¢ Set the OS unit ID to 0.
â ¢ Set Preferred path/mode to No Preference.


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Re: EVA 4400 - AIX vdisk presentation

Thank you for the answer , i have in deed

Host type = IBM AIX
Lun numbers are different = 1,2 and 3
OS unit ID = 0
Preferred path/mode = No Preference

I also noticed that the SCSI Rsv status is "None" in the presentation window of my Vdisks, while it is Regular for Vdisks presented to other AIX Hosts.

I m also suspecting FC driver problem on the AIX Host, how can I check if it is working correctly or not?