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EVA 4400 Disk Levelling

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Shannon Rowe
Occasional Contributor

EVA 4400 Disk Levelling


We have an EVA 4400 currently with 8 disks in a single disk group, I wish to add a further 12 disks to the same disk group but have heard that as disks are added there is a significant performance hit, especially when adding the 13th disk.

I have read on other posts that this is not the case and provided we have the latest firmware and the disk group is under 95% capacity there should be no noticeable impact however I wanted confirmation before proceeding.

Please advise if this is the case, and also -

1) is there a way of controlling the priority (throttling) the leveling process to minimize impact?

2) we I add the disks and notice an impact in performance can I stop / pause the process?
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA 4400 Disk Levelling

for the RSS (internal DG physical disks subsets) it is optimum to add disks in 8.
Leveling should not have any performance impact. It is the controller internal firmware base hardcoded feature and it is automatic, so it cannot be stopped.
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