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EVA 4400 - HP UX unable to recognize disk devices


EVA 4400 - HP UX unable to recognize disk devices

We have a new EVA 4400 and i am running HPUX 11.11 enterprise edtn. I created 16 VDisks of 50GBs and presented to HPUX. I did a ioscan -fnC disk and it identified the 16 disk devices, but it is when i look under SAM, under DISK DEVICES, i only see one hardware path for a 50GB device with 16 paths to it.

Ofcourse i havent installed SecurePath. But, at the time, i am only having one path into the EVA. 1 HBA connected from the server to the EVA. 1 side of controllers hooked up to the SAN switch. So, i dont need multipathing support.

What i like to see in the disk devices is that 16 of the 50 GB LUNs with one path for each, bcos that is how it is setup in the EVA.

Any insight or thought on this would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: EVA 4400 - HP UX unable to recognize disk devices

It sounds your only problem is how SAM sees the disks. Maybe a SAM cumulative patch can help you.
This will not prevent the use of the LUNs.
Check if all vdisks are presented in hpux mode (not default or anything else).
Do you have the latest patch bundles installed?
What results do you get from

# ioscan -fn
# swlist

Hope this helps!

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