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EVA 4400 Management Module

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Brian U
Occasional Visitor

EVA 4400 Management Module

I am new to the EVA 4400 (just this week). I have everything setup, however, after reconfiguring the IP address for the management module on the EVA 4400 (HSV300), and plugging it up to the LAN, I am not able to ping it from another network segment. I am able to ping it from the router however. I have double check the IP is not in use by another device, I have double checked the subnet mask and the "gateway server" as well. I am assuming the "gateway server" is the IP for the router.

Any insight on how to connect to the management interface from another IP segment would be greatly appreciated.

Mustafa Gulercan
Respected Contributor

Re: EVA 4400 Management Module

Hi Brian,
i couldn't exactly understand your problem.
is it like this;
" you have changed the EVA management server's IP and than you can not ping it"


if it is, this problem is not about EVA.
You may talk with your network admin.

Check your new IP's VLAN from switch.
May be there is an access list which blocked you.

George Genov
Frequent Advisor

Re: EVA 4400 Management Module


What is the IP address you are using because:

IP addresses to are not supported

Brian U
Occasional Visitor

Re: EVA 4400 Management Module

Thank you both. Yes George, I was attempting to use a class C in the 10.X.X.X range. I have no other IP segments in the entire LAN. Thank you for pointing that out. This is an interesting predicament that I hope I can find a solution for.