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EVA 4400 New Queries!

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EVA 4400 New Queries!


We have a new uninitialized EVA 4400 with 8 disk shelves. We have connected it up and switched it on and it has assigned the shelf ID's in a completely random order.

Is there anything we can do to get this re-ordered before we start using it, even if it means just physically moving them around?!!

It is a big annoyance.

Also when configuring an host in the EVA, if you select the wrong operating system, such as VMware instead of Microsoft Windows, what is the difference and can you change it whilst everything is online without issue??

Thanks for any help!
Patrick Terlisten
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA 4400 New Queries!


there is no need to re-order the shelf IDs. The ID is configured during the first startup of a shelf and it's only changed if a shelf, which has already an ID, is attached to an EVA system in which the ID aready configured.

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