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Re: EVA 4400 starter kit

Miha Bernik
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EVA 4400 starter kit


Currently we have in production EVA 4400 starter kit with twelve 300GB FC drives in it + unlimited license for storage.
Closing one of our departments, we have additional EVA 4400 starter kit with eight 450GB FC drives.
Can we (and how) connect enclosure from second EVA to the first one, so that first EVA 4400 will work with built-in enclosure (12 disks) + additional enclosure from second EVA with 8 disks?
Can this be done?
Prakash Singh_1
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Re: EVA 4400 starter kit


To achieve the above you can move the disk enclosure from second EVA to the First one and then connect it to the existing DisK enclosure.

You can follow these steps:

1. On the non production EVA Backup the data then Uninitialize it from command view eva to erase all configurations and Data .

2. remove the drives, power supplies, blowers, EMU and IO modules to reduce the enclosureà ´s weight (from 30 to 11 kg).

3. label the FC cables.

4. install the drive enclosures into the rack.

5. insert and seat all the drives (as well as other components) into the drive enclosure, but dont connect the cables.

6. connect the AC power

7. wait for all FC disks to spin up

8. FC loops check

9. connect the new enclosure to the i/o loop 1A/1B and verify if they are working correctly

10. connect the enclosure to the enclosure address bus.

This link would help you as well: http://bizsupport2.austin.hp.com/bc/docs/support/SupportManual/c01419085/c01419085.pdf



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Eemans Dany
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Re: EVA 4400 starter kit


This can be done, but be carefull.
I have a bad experiance with disk from one eva mounted to another EVA.
You can connect the diskeclosure to the other EVA, following the procedure how to add a disk cabbinet to an EVA.
But verry important is to unitialize the second EVA that there is not residual data on the disks (METADATA).

I had the issue by moving disk between eva's (even when they where correctly ungrouped) that there was residual meta data on these disks and they messed up the eva system.

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Re: EVA 4400 starter kit


Important suggestion while adding the Disk Enclousre online.

Dont install all drives in Enclosure and connect loop cables.

Intall 4 Drives on Enclosure and connect it online. Connect the loop cables one by one (after stabilizing the loop) and then try to add disks one by one with an interval of 1 min to avoid the loop issues. Some times with more disks the loop will be disturbed and you may experience controller termination.
Miha Bernik
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Re: EVA 4400 starter kit

Thanks !