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EVA 4400

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EVA 4400


I have FC disks 450 GB. If I create LUN with 500 GB capacity VRAID1, where EVA store original data and copy, I mean phisically. In official book there is a statement that orginal date is stored on odd disk and its copy on even disk. How about LUN which is higher than single disk capacity ?

Thanks for reply
Robert Badar
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Re: EVA 4400

Hello badaim,
probably you have to study some basic information about EVA storage. You cannot use single disk. EVA is using disk groups with minimum of 8 disks. The data are spread over all disks in group. In case of VRAID1 one half of disks in group contains data and second half its copy. If you create 500GB volume it, spend twice more capacity on disks but in group of 8 physical disks it is 1000GB/8 on each.