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EVA 5K with Oracle 8.1.7 performance

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EVA 5K with Oracle 8.1.7 performance

Hi Guys,

I am facing performance problem with my system saying response is slow.. I have rp7410 ( 4 CPUs and 8 GB RAM HPUX 11i ) with one hard partition connected to 2 EVA 5k boxes 2c2d-c ) through SAN switches and 3 FC HBAs for each EVA

I have created only one disk group ( as EVa best pratices says ) per EVA with VRAID 1 and protection level 1.

Oracle datafiles are stored in raw LVOLS created using LVM. I want to know the statistics of EVA performance which show me EVA is performing efficiently???
DBA is complaining of slow I/O from EVA as cause of system slowness.

Any Doc for oracle and EVA SAN configuration???
I am expecting good replies as HP and Oracle has got close tehnical tie-ups to offer faster response on these platforms ( I have read some article about it )

Maybe someone from HP would eloborate???

I need your valuable replies and advise .Let me know if u need more details

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Re: EVA 5K with Oracle 8.1.7 performance


Monitor these things so you can validate the DBA's claims:

Per Disk Stats:
iostat 5 100 during
(each LUN should have peaks that are close to whatever number of FC's you have to your SAN..)

To see if you have Queuing and disk response times:

sar -d 5 100
(No EVA LUN should have wait and access times above 20ms consistently)

And finally if you have glance (glance -u, -i, -d or -v)

Hakuna Matata.

Re: EVA 5K with Oracle 8.1.7 performance

Perhaps it is time to split your EVA's into more disk groups.

Mixing Random and Sequential io's on the same physicals normally is a very bad idea.

So one group, preferably a large one, for data files.. and another one for logs etc
would be the way to go.


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Re: EVA 5K with Oracle 8.1.7 performance

Hi Lars,

I do agree with your logical answer.But when I see EVA document ( Best practices ) which say to have only one disk group for good EVA performance !!!!!!!

Have done multiple disk groups before? If yes can you provide me details...
What are the preferred setting in HSV110 controllers????
Any issue your face because of this??