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EVA 6000 Does it have enough UUIDs

Vasudev Nagarajan_1
Occasional Contributor

EVA 6000 Does it have enough UUIDs

I am about embark on a replication using SSSU. I know we can capture the LUN WWW names and resuse them. ie. we can keep creating new snapshots and clones and assign the LUN WWW name from a list as slong as it is not one currenlty in use.

However, the internal UUID is not under my control. If the scripot keeps running, creating and deleting snapshots and clones, will I run out UUID at some stage?

Any previous experience
Luk Vandenbussche
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA 6000 Does it have enough UUIDs

The problem is not UUID but the maximum number of LUNS you can create.

For the moment this is 1024.