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EVA 8000 2C18D

Trevor Darby_1
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EVA 8000 2C18D

I am installing a 2C18D EVA8000 with 240 drives, the user guide states that you do not install a disk in bays 12, 13, or 14 in enclosures 17 and 20 . These bays in enclosures 17 and 20 do not receive a hard assigned AL-PA. Installing a disk in any of these slots may impact the operation of the storage system.

I have 252 disks slots and only 240 disks. Do I put the disk fillers in 12,13,14 on enclosures 17 and 20, and spread the other six around the EVA.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Uwe Zessin
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Re: EVA 8000 2C18D

Yes, although I have some rather new documents (e.g. "HP StorageWorks EVA4000/6000/8000 M5314 drive enclosure installation instructions", 5697-6537, February 2007) that claim the rule also applies to enclosure address 24.

This document also says:
* CAB address ports 8 and 14 share a common address. When adding a drive enclosure to loop 2 on an EVA8000, make sure drive enclosures are connected to either port 8 or port 14. You can use one or the other but not both. Using both of these ports on the same loop makes it difficult to analyze disk problems because the disks in the drive enclosure connected to ports 8 and 14 appear to have the addresses.

* When adding a disk enclosure to an EVA6000, do not use address port 7 for the enclosure. Address port 7 does not receive a hard AL-PA range."""