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EVA 8000 Capacity availability mistmatch.

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EVA 8000 Capacity availability mistmatch.


we have the following configuration:

EVA 8000
XCS 6110
Total: 8842.32
VRaid0: 492.58
VRaid1: 246.39
VRaid5: 375.73

There is a disk group (17x300GB + 35*146GB).
Requested level: single
Occupancy: 7940.75GB
Alarm level 95%

If we try to create a new virtual disk (VRaid5), the maximum capacity that Command View leaves to assign is 375.73 GB.

My question: if I do this operation:
8842,32 - 7940,75 * 0,8 = 721 GB.

I don't know why we lose (721 - 375)GB. Is it correct? I have resyn the controllers but it has not been resolved.

Thank you very much,
Víctor Cespón
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA 8000 Capacity availability mistmatch.

The capacity calculations when there are different sized disks on a disk group are too complex. Internally the disks are subgrouped in 8-disk (usually 8, can be 6- 11), RSS.
If in a RSS there are disks of different size, not all space will be used, some disks will be at 90% for example, while others will be at 70%.

If you want, edit the attached script to include the name of the EVA, user and password and run it with SSSU.EXE "File SSSUscan.txt" > Config.txt

Compress and attach Config.txt here, and I'll send you a sceenshot of the % usage of each disk.

Re: EVA 8000 Capacity availability mistmatch.

Hi Victor,
thank you very much for your information. I attach them current config of the EVA.

If you still need the output of your script, I will send it to you tomorrow.

Thanks again.
Best regards,

Víctor Cespón
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA 8000 Capacity availability mistmatch.

Hi, please find the screenshots on the attached file.

As you can see, RSS 5 and 6 have 4 disks of 146 GB and 2 of 300 GB. The 146 GB disks are full to 89% capacity, while the 300 GB disks are only 58%.

While 58% of 300 is more than 89% of 146, you'll never be able to fill those 300 GB disks, so not all space is available.

That's what happens when you mix disks of different sizes on a disk group and the RSS contain different sizes.

By the way, disk enclosure 1 is showing both power supplies as failed. Take care of that ASAP.