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EVA 8000 EMU number issue

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EVA 8000 EMU number issue

I have an EVA8000 2c12d which we had an issue where the disks were showing as unmappable. So we were recommended to reseat the EMU's. My collegue last night removed EMU 1 and and put it back in. When they did this, the EMU is showing now showing as 0. And the controller is now showing recovering shelf 1, but I don't know how long it has been like this. Does anyone know how you get the EMU to show that as shelf 1? all the EAB cables are present and corret.
Rob Leadbeater
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Re: EVA 8000 EMU number issue


The number on the EMU should be picked up by its position on the EAB bus.

If it has gone to zero after a reseat, I'll guess that either the EMU itself is faulty, or the cable from the bus to the disk shelf.



Re: EVA 8000 EMU number issue


1. Reseat EMU.
Must be pulled free fomr the connector for at lest 30 sec.

2. Reseat cable at both ends.
Cable between EMA and CAB.

3. Turn the cable around.
Cable between EMA and CAB.
Connector, that is in the EMU must go into the CAB expander, and connector that is in the CAB must go into the EMU.

option 3 does the trick often.