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EVA 8000 Frequent Drive Failure

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Re: EVA 8000 Frequent Drive Failure

1: How long have you had this EVA ?
2: Were all the disks that have failed all bought and installed in the EVA at the same time??
The reason I ask it that all modern disks have an MTTF (mean time to failure) If all the disks are the same and have been in use for xxxxx no of hours then they may have reached the MTTF for the drive.
If this is the case then you MAY get several drives that all fail in a short period of time. This could be your problem.
Obviously, it could be something else and you should seek advice from HP as advised above.
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Armin Norouzi
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Re: EVA 8000 Frequent Drive Failure


Failed disks have various ages, some about 1 year, some 2 and some more than 3 years. So I don't think the MTBF of the drives is reached.
The site always was in a good condition of cooling and dust. There is also no logs regarding to temperature overheat.
Hopefully no more failure has happened to the drives, but my boss expects me to give a reasonable cause for the failures. What can we find out from logs?