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EVA 8100 "Live" Oracle LUN Replication

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EVA 8100 "Live" Oracle LUN Replication

I've been tasked with identifying how to replicate Oracle LUNS to a remote site in real-time using the EVA 8100.

We have the 8100 SAN and apparently we have the HP Continuous Access Product.

(Please note, I'm "just" a DBA not a storage admin, so any help is appreciated :)

So my first question I guess is:

Are there any white papers available about implementing HP Continuous Access in replicating data to a DR site? (Oracle on Windows Servers)

Chris Taylor
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Re: EVA 8100 "Live" Oracle LUN Replication

here are the couple of EVA Oracle replication doc links:

5 steps to improve Oracle array based replication with CA EVA

Oracle 11g ASM/EVA 8000 replication best practices

CA implementation guide
the pain is one part of the reality

Re: EVA 8100 "Live" Oracle LUN Replication

Ok, thanks! These look like great starting points.

Re: EVA 8100 "Live" Oracle LUN Replication

ASM is not a requirement for this is it?

I wouldn't think that it would be, but perhaps I'm mistaken?
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Re: EVA 8100 "Live" Oracle LUN Replication

no it is not,
EVA does not care if its the Oracle raw device, OCFS2 or ASM, it sees only blocks of data...
the pain is one part of the reality

Re: EVA 8100 "Live" Oracle LUN Replication

I have a follow up question now.

We had a cluster "lock up" when we turned on CA replication.

We're only replicating one LUN which does not contain datafiles or any online files from the database (except a few external table files - text files).

During the replication, the Microsoft Cluster totally wigged out and was non-responsive.

The LUN in question is a resource within the Cluster, but I cannot figure out why this might have happened.

The cluster software/service basically was "locked" or busy on node1 and would not fail over to node 2.

We were finally had to restart both nodes of the cluster to resolve the situation.

Where should I begin looking for information? I've checked the event viewer on both nodes and the MS Cluster software logs but there is not much good information available there.

I see the errors in the Event Log - but they are primarily of the form: "Lost connection to Database ...." and "IsAlive Poll failed for..."