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Re: EVA Business Copy - what exactly is it?

Jeremy C
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EVA Business Copy - what exactly is it?

Is EVA Business Copy just the application Replication Solutions Manager?    I'm considering discontinuing our license for EVA Business Copy because we don't use RSM.  Would I still be able to do snapshots with Command View EVA? 



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Re: EVA Business Copy - what exactly is it?

BC EVA is a replication solution that depends on several different applications to manage and execute local replication functionality. These applications include VCS/XCS firmware, Replication Solutions Manager (RSM) , Command View EVA, and others that will be identified later in this course. Business Copy is used for local data replication only. Continuous Access (CA) EVA is used for remote replication activities. Both applications are managed primarily, however, through the integrated RSM GUI.


No, you will not be able to create a snapshot.

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