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EVA CA between different VCS versions.

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EVA CA between different VCS versions.

Can CA EVA be run between two EVA 6100's, when one is running XCS 6.110 and the other is running XCS6.2. This would be tempory untill CV EVA vers 8.02 is released and then the second array would be upgraded to ver 6.2.

Any suggestions of advice would be helpful.

Víctor Cespón
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA CA between different VCS versions.

Hi, you have the answer on the "HP StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array compatibility reference"

Continous Access between XCS 6.1xx and XCS 6.2xx is supported with the following note:

Supported during the 60 day upgrade window only, meaning the source and destination arrays can be running these different controller software versions while you are upgrading the arrays and the upgrades must be completed within 60 days. The upgrade window begins with the upgrade of the first array. It concludes when all arrays in a direct or indirect replication relationship with the first array have been upgraded.