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EVA Cabinet

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EVA Cabinet


Is it mandatory to purchase EVA Cabinet with EVA disk array?
What is difference between EVA cabinet and HP standard 42U Rack?
Is it possible to install EVA disk array on other standard racks?

Luk Vandenbussche
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA Cabinet

Hi Hasan,

It is mandatory to purchase a rack with an EVA.
But you can perfectmu install it manually in a 42U RACK.

I installed it yet in an HP E-series rack

Re: EVA Cabinet

Yes its mandatory (or better) for the first time you buy an EVA, when you expand (of course if you have space in the rack) you can order EVA4000/6000 Controller Pair assembly to expand your storage further.

Its the same 10000 series rack with appropriate PDUs/PDMs and EAB are installed and EVA will be factory integrated.

Asper quickspecs EVAs support qualifying customer-supplied racks.

Chris Callihan_1
Frequent Advisor

Re: EVA Cabinet

it is NOT required to purchase the EVA cabinet. but unless the pricing has been adjusted lately, it was more expensive to buy the EVA without the cabinet. i think the reasoning is there are more issues that arise from field racking vs. factory integration. i know of a service provider that even would buy their EVA w/ cabinet, only to unrack it and put it into their standard rack. talk to your HP rep to get the documentation on the supported 3rd party racks