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EVA Controller

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EVA Controller

How does data write to the slave controller of EVA?

Is there an online doc to determine how Master/Slave works with together or how Active/Active or Active/Passive work?

is there any relation between Master?slave controller and Active/Active , Active?passive controller?

I* am confusing about these matters (Master/Slave and A/A, A/P) could you please explain each of them for me?

Patrick Terlisten
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA Controller

Hello Hasan,

the upper controller is normally the "master" controller. The rule, which controller is master or slave, is determined by the sequence in which the controller starts. Normally you should start the upper controller, then the lower controller.

LUNs are presented over both controllers, regardsless which controller is used. In an A/P enviroment is I/O only done by one controller. In an A/A enviroment is I/O done by both controllers. One of the controllers is the "master" for a LUN. So I/O, which is received by the second controller, will be transfered over the controller-interconnect to the master controller.

Hope that helps and everthing is correct. :)

Best regards,
Best regards,