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EVA Data Replications

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EVA Data Replications

We have two site . like 1. HEAD OFFICE 2. BRANCH OFFICE. We had implemented EVA continuous access .i will tell u our head office site system datails
1. Blade Server 780c
2. 9124 internal switch ( C7000 Enclosure )
3. HSV300 AND Eva4400 storage ctrL1,ctrL2( Two)
4. MPX110 Distance Gateway
5. Two lines total 4mb line speed each line 2MBps
6. two D-link Switch 1000mbps
7. E1 , E2 connections

Another side ( Branch site ) also Same.

Production site ( Head Office)Data size 500GB
now data replication is going on . but very very slow daily 1% only has been done everyday . how can i improve replications performance?
or Any best software or best is there pls any one help me.

Víctor Cespón
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Re: EVA Data Replications

Better start reading this:


There are several things to look at, the first one I can think of is the send window size on the switch ports that go to the MPX110. It has to be adjusted to the distance, to allow more packets on the fly. If you have the distance set to "normal", then only a few packets will be sent and the switch will wait for the ACK to come back before sending more.