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EVA I/O Problem

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EVA I/O Problem

The SAN architecture following:
i have two servers SuperDome 64way and Superdome 16way and two disc storages:
1. EVA- 5000 with 57 discs (it's usable only for database)
2. Va-7400 (only for other applications)
So i have problems with I/O on Eva.
it has 4 LUN's, each is 250Gb
Secure Path is adjusted on 2 path for each LUN, 8 path in overall. The Balance Policy is Round Robin.
How can i solve this problem?
Uwe Zessin
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Re: EVA I/O Problem

"this problem?" ??

I don't see anything wrong from your description except Secure Path should see 4 paths to a virtual disk. Due to the way the EVA works, you can do I/O to two paths (those that go to the controller that is owning the virtual disk behind the LUN), not 4. That is not a 'problem' - that is just how the EVA works.

The VA works nearly similar to the EVA except that a single controller owns an entire redundancy group (RG) and all LUNs contained. You can do I/O through the other controller, but he will re-route the I/O over an internal bus. It is still the owning controller that does the I/O to the disks.

Look up the word "performance path" in the user guide.
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Re: EVA I/O Problem

Dear All,

I also need same type of help, i am having two set of one SMA and EVA 3000. i require a script which can shutdown my EVA when i require. very urgent for me, please help me

Thanks & Regards
Rob Leadbeater
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Re: EVA I/O Problem


That's a completely different question !

Start a new thread of your own rather than tagging onto the end of a two year old, unrelated one !