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EVA Monitoring through SIM HELP!!!!


EVA Monitoring through SIM HELP!!!!


Is there any way whatsoever to monitor an EVA through Insight Manager?

We have many EVAs, and we use WEBES, ISEE and OSEM for different support levels. But the level of complexity to set these up and troubleshoot them when they break is unimaginably difficult.

In fact we had several disks fail and WEBES was broken, but we didn’t know it was broken because there is no way to test to determine if it’s working automatically. So guess what, no notifications were received and we caught it when we just happened to walk by the cabinets.

Normal integration into SIM is not available best I can tell. Anyone says it is is not honest.

I can’t believe HP doesn’t have a way to integrate an EVA to be monitored in HP SIM.

I have heard of some big companies that have been able to use SIM but it was with an internal HP team that busted their butts to get this to work.

Does ANYONE know how to do this?

What I want: Be able to see and receive alerts on component failures of an EVA through SIM.

If not, is there a third party utility that some has used that can give them visuals and alerts?

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Re: EVA Monitoring through SIM HELP!!!!

It is possible and _normal_ thing to do

Start here http://h18013.www1.hp.com/products/servers/management/hpsim/

SIM and EVAs "talk" through Command View -server via WBEM protocol.
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Re: EVA Monitoring through SIM HELP!!!!

One possibility is to integrate HP SIM with the Storage essentials
Another possibility is to configure SNMP on all WEBESes,... and trap e.g. the OVO servers and from them via the OVO templates some of the incident system...
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