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EVA Notification with HP Systems Insight Manager

Max Maklin_2
Occasional Visitor

EVA Notification with HP Systems Insight Manager

I am looking for community opinions on how best to do notification of EVA events being recorded on an array. We have an EVA 5000 with the latest firmware and Command View for EVA 4.1 running on a SMA 2.1 management appliance.

As I see it the SMA appliance has the ability to notify events to HP SIM installation via SNMP trapping. It appears that the MIB is defined on the SMA to interpret event codes from the EVA into event descriptions that are then set to SIM for alert forwarding with event interpretation happening on the SMA.

But Command View for EVA also has the ability to configure event notification and send it to SNMP trap destination. However, I believe you would need to download the MIB and apply it to SIM to have it interpret controller event codes into event descriptions.

Given that SMA is heading down the EOL route, I am thinking that it might be best to get Command View to notify our SIM about events and disable the SMA event notification. Do others agree? Am I correct that SIM will need a MIB update to interpret the event codes?

Leon Rosier
Respected Contributor

Re: EVA Notification with HP Systems Insight Manager

You need to install Webes on the SMA or on the storage management server. Webes translates the EVA events to readable messages and forwards them to an email server and or management server.
You can combine Webes with ISEE so that in case of an event it is automatically forwarded to HP where a case is generated to take the proper action.

Here you can find Webes:

Gr, Leon