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EVA Stripe Size

J Ruffolo
Occasional Visitor

EVA Stripe Size

Is the EVA stripe size a dynamic entity based on number of disks in a disk group? We have created 6 LUNs of 200GB each (RAID5) within a 72 disk DG (146GB disks) for use by Oracle under HP-UX 11.23i . The Oracle people are asking what our stripe size is - I read that 2MB is the EVA default - but is that right, or is it dependent on the disk group? Can we adjust the stripe size ? Thanks !
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA Stripe Size

Hello Joe,

EVA's internal chunk size is a fixed 128 KBytes and not changeable.

2 MBytes, that is the size of a PSEG (physical segment) - each fibre channel disk drive is divided into lots of PSEGs.

There is more terminology like RSS and RSTORE which define how data is layed out on the physical disks, but that is all hard-coded in the controller firmware (VCS).