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EVA VCS V3 license error

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EVA VCS V3 license error


I recieved license from the web site using HSVWWN. But when I input the license, the system prompt me:

The license you entered is a valid license but not for the Node WWN on this controller pair

From the factory shipped file I got a Authentication ID for EVA VCS 2, but seems the current VCS Version is V3
Software version: ENT-V3000

Is this cause the license fault?


Mike Naime
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA VCS V3 license error

Yes, They did the exact same thing to us last month. Shipped the version 2 license CarePac with Version 3 pre-installed on the system.

I guess that they are trying to get rid of all the old documentation! :-)

We also needed to upgrade the software on our San Appliance to match.

Are you having HP/Compaq do the install for you?
VMS SAN mechanic
Paul Duyker
Occasional Visitor

Re: EVA VCS V3 license error

The installation of the license fails with the error "key is valid but not for this WWN"

What is going on:
The customer is attempting to talk to the EVA3000 using a version of Command View that does not support the EVA3000. The first version of Command View EVA that supports the EVA3000 is Command View V2.1 .... (the service pack 2 in the Storage Management Appliance V2.0 SP2). It is also supported on CV EVA V3.0 and V3.0a (and all future versions). The confusing aspect of this is that the customer can get here by two ways.
they have a SAN already with EVA5000s and have not installed the CV EVA upgrade to V2.1(service pack 2)
this is a brand new install and they installed the Storage Management Appliance software, which contains CV EVA V2.0a but not the extra CD in the VCS software kit with the latest version of CV EVA for the EVA3000 V2.1 (service pack 2).


Load a version of CV EVA V2.1 or later. The CD for CV EVA V2.1 (SP2) is in the VCS V2.0 for HSV100 kit.

NOTE: CV EVA service pack downloads are available off the web up to CV EVA V3.0a at
Leyzen Stanislav
Occasional Advisor

Re: EVA VCS V3 license error

We have the SAME problem.

EVA5000 VCS-3000. Updateing to Command View EVA V3.0a doesn't help.

Can anyone help me?
florence mathon lermusi
Trusted Contributor

Re: EVA VCS V3 license error


don't know if this can help, but it can be a problem of input. try to open the doc including the text of your licence with notepad, then make a copy/paste to command view.

Leyzen Stanislav
Occasional Advisor

Re: EVA VCS V3 license error

The problem was that:
VCS firmware was V-3000, and license key was for VCS v2. After downgrading EVA VCS firmware for v2006 all works fine. Thanks all